Symbolischer Interaktionismus - Eine Sozialisationstheorie (German Edition)

Der Beitrag liefert einen Überblick über sprechsprachliche Korpora in . scheme (Ehlich ) which is particularly popular in German corpora. .. blick auf das Italienische (= Romanica Monacensia; 51). dall'Archivio fonografico dell' Università di Zurigo” (“Schweizer Dialekte in Text und Ton”), published by the.

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I have read all but one of the stories and I miss him. Somewhere, I am sure Joe and Jim are sitting down to coffee. Kate Shugak is the main character and her dog Mutt is a helper. The list in the correct order is at wiki. I did not and will not read Hunter's Moon because it is too tragic. I love this story. I have not seen the movie. Mma Ramotswe provides observations upon the fine qualities of Botswana and Africa: the culture, traditions, and natural beauties found there, and the inhabitants' pride in their land.

Jane Whitefield hides people who are in danger, and getting false documents for them is very dangerous for Jane. The correct order of the books is here:. The Agatha Raisin series by M. Poor Agatha tries so hard to find the perfect husband. I do sympathize about James. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Agatha Christie My favorite YA mystery stories Code Orange. Write On! And then a hero comes along What poems have you read recently? A lesson from the Book of A. NOTE: plf has changed his book talk to Wednesday mornings early.

It turns out that we have quite a few authors hanging out here who have published books in the real world. A while ago, I started keeping a list of books by Kossacks, former Kossacks and Kossacks-once-removed. I was posting it each week to the diary series What Are You Reading and Bookflurries, but the list has grown long enough, that I've decided to turn it into a diary and post it as a weekly series on Tuesday evenings. Not all Kossack authors may wish to lose their anonymity, so I am only including the author's UID if he has outed herself here gender confusion intended.

If you'd like to be included on the list, or if you know of an author who is left off, please leave a comment or email me. Bookflurries: Bookchat: Mysteries. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Recommend Unrecommend Add to Blog. BookflurriesBookchat Books Teaching. Edit Tags. Done Editing Tags. Share this article.

Differences between books and films Thirteen of the books were adapted for a series of television movies starring Sir Derek Jacobi although the sequence of the television episodes differs from the sequence of the novels. Candace Robb has mysteries set in Medieval times.

Poll 60 votes Show Results Who is your favorite mystery writer? Agatha Christie. Ellis Peters. Arthur Conan Doyle. Tony Hillerman. Dorothy Sayers. Alexander McCall Smith. Robert Parker. Lawrence Block. Janet Evanovich. Martha Grimes. Michael Connelly. Bah humbug! Hi all, I've not read anything since I got home at about 7 pm though I've had quite a good reading day today! I got down from settling Conor to sleep a little while ago and have been messing about online and picking up books off the floor.

The Opening Meme 3 hours later All about my tiny abode in Ohio, which is scheduled to get quite a bit of snow tomorrow! Oooh, a good day to stay in-doors and read, hm? Interestingly, I have a top 3 favorite authors list. So, I guess those are the ones! Actually it's kind of difficult. I just want to finish the book I'm reading now, as last time. Breaks are good! Reading for this long is tough, don't force yourself to read if you're getting that "I don't really feel like reading" feeling. Instead, take a half-hour and read through the posts.

It's a nice way to take a break and reading how everyone else is doing can get you re-energized to get back to your own book. I got back from my movie and dinner a bit earlier than anticipated, so I'm ready to go! The comfy blue chair in my living room south central PA. You know, there are so many great books I'll never get around to, but I'm trying, so I don't often reread books over and over.

But I'll take a stab at it. Dalloway The King's Daughter 4. Nope, just to enjoy reading as much as I can. I'm trying to finish Mrs. Dalloway because I will be teaching it next semester. Menu: Just got back from the local Mexican Restaurant. I had Enchiladas Supremo. Now I'm gonna pour me a Bourbon and water and start reading. I figure if there's any time for me to participate in a Readathon, then Snowmageddon is it. Snowy Georgia 2. Soon I Will Be Invincible is going well. Finish what I'm reading.

And stay warm. Don't schedule readathons when you know you have to to be up early the next morning. Also, balancing homework with pleasure reading can be tricky, but it is doable. Not able to join in this one, sadly, but just dropping in briefly to say Happy Reading! I'll be joining the readathon later but did read for the first hour.

Later I'll be reading at home, mainly on our sofa with the dog for company. I'd like to finish a couple of books already on the go 5. Be prepared to not read as much as you think you will each hour. Distractions are numerous, plan for ways to avoid them. Variety is the spice of life, I like to swap between different books. Haha, Snowmageddon, I like it! We had a night of snow Thursday night that made the roads into skating rinks or a pinball machine, if you were sliding down a hill in a car like we were!

Everybody doing okay? Any of the Brit-girls flagging at this midnight hour? Comments: I'm only a few pages away from the end of Natalie Hargrove so I guess I'd better start thinking about what I want to read next! I'm going to take an hour or so off now to watch some Rome with my mom, and be back to join you all again later this evening. Happy reading, guys! Thought I should practice a bit of reading, even if I used the English translation to understand it. Highly recommend. The stories and illustrations were very varied, and a great pick if you like folktales.

Reading Jellicoe Road seems interesting so far. Yeah, I know that music can be distracting to some but I can't stand silence :P And it's relaxing to me. Still reading The Serpent's Tale. It is creeping by. I may take a Stephen Fry break and watch some Qi or something. Congratulations to Krys, Michelle, and Suzanne who have finished a book!

McKillip Books finished: none so far. Pages read: 92 Posting time: 10 minutes Reading time: 60 minutes Total books read: 0 Total pages read: 92 Total time read: 60 minutes Total time posting: 10 minutes Menu: Kettle popcorn microwave and hot tea. Comments: This is one of my Christmas presents, a brand new book by a favorite author. Count me in! I'll try to read a bit tonight and a bit more tomorrow before and after work and at lunch.

I'll probably have to check in late tomorrow, though. I'm reading from Rockville, Maryland, tonight, but will be reading in other cities as well as Washington, DC tomorrow. Any good books in sight for the next 24 hours Living Green by Greg Horn just arrived today. That looks good. My goal is just to enjoy what I'm reading and have fun.

Spiritual Successor

I think clocking my time is fun, but I don't want to set a time goal. Stop in this thread frequently to cheer everyone else on! Happy reading, everyone! I am just checking in to say I will be back in about 3. Go everyone!! In this futuristic America in the very near future , young people have been exposed to pornography from such a young age that the sexuality is very overt. When there's mention of sex and the sexual act, it tends to be Not to say that the book is pornographic or that it's sex wall-to-wall, but for that reason alone I wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't comfortable with that sort of thing.

Small portion of gift homemade Pannetone with gobs of unsalted butter. Getting seriously hungry now. Think I'll order a truly decadent pizza. Comments: Yay! Only 40 pages left on Super Sad! I can't usually listen to music while reading these days. Sadly, having trouble listening to music at all for quite a few months now interferes with my brainwaves of something but this book really benefits from background ambient music. Fits with the futuristic theme I guess. I love coming in and reading everybody's updates and so on, but I think I'm more comfortable with this rhythm of taking a few hours to read with some short breaks when needed and posting once in a while so that way I can get into the writing more which helps with concentration.

Haven't decided what I'll read after I'm finished with Super Sad , but lord knows I have plenty of options! Hi Stasia! See you in a while! And nice to have you here again Madeline Yo Ilana! That food list is making me seriously hungry. Which is insane since I'm sitting here surrounded by food Hmmm, yours sounds better though.

I've finished a book, and a review one at that, yay, and had a little wander round the house while listening to Cameron de la Isla's Caminando. Nothing like a little Spanish flair to get you up and moving again! I must say, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove definitely improved as it went on, and redeemed itself from its lacklustre 'Mean Girls' opening. Review coming the read-a-thon! Thus far the headache's holding off, though the whooshy noise in my ears is a little ominous, so I've got me some coffee and started Holes. I enjoyed the movie and so far the book seems really quirky, easy to read and well paced, so it should be a good one for the read-a-thon, PLUS it's one of my books on a TBR challenge I'm doing on the blog, which is an added bonus.

Onwards towards 2am! I've read 54 pages tonight. As I've finished several books before the Readathon and my current priority book is pages with left to read South Riding I don't expect to finish anything during the readathon. Congrats to Katie, Ellie, and Ilana for books completed! Break over, back to reading. If my current book doesn't finish soon, I may jump to The Children's Blizzard which I am looking forward to reading. I've been reading: Penguin Hope that doesn't mean I'm gonna totally crash.

Checking in as I check out for some sleep. Posting time: 10 minutes Reading time: 2 hours The Menu: The hubby served me olives and then made me a sandwich for dinner. He also brought my computer to me as I had a cat firmly ensconced in my lap. We have both discovered that we can get great service from the spouse by our desire to not disturb the "baby". Comments: I read a greatly abridged version years ago and really enjoyed the story. I have a larger version with pages. But I have discovered the version on Gutenberg has even more detail and side characters and mini-plots and is even more fun.

Book club is in 6 days and I may not finish in time at this rate. Well I am here to check in. I have read sporadically over the past few hours. I read for about 30 minutes while I waited for my son after swim practice. I then read for about 1 hour and 30 mins before and after dinner. Comment: I am still reading my book and enjoying the Tudors. I am getting tired so I may go to bed earlier then usual. I read in my car and in my house in our tv room. Oh boy this is so hard. Outsiders by S. Hinton; I love that book. I have read it at least 3times. Rowling, because those books got me back into reading again.

I plan to only read Wolf Hall 4. I would love to finish Wolf Hall as my ultimate goal but since I am only reading for a few hours I don't know if that will happen. I would like to make it to about page by the end of this read a thon. Just have fun. Don't worry about checking in every hour or trying to finish a book. Just read. Katie - you won't be the only one! Look how cute she is! I was obsessed with it at school, but I had a rough time in my teen years and was a little too swept away by it So dramatic, and I loved Dally!

Perhaps it's time to revisit it ten years on? Comments: I'm starting to feel the effects of being at work all day before starting a read-a-thon! Rather fuggy right now. But I read a good chunk more of Holes which is great so far - short chapters, quirky characters, oddly amusing I'll see how I go a bit longer, then I might be tempted to take a nap in the next hour or two. Pages read: Posting time: 10 minutes Reading time: 60 minutes Total books read: 0 Total pages read: Total time read: minutes Total time posting: 10 minutes Menu: Pink Lady apple and hot tea.

San Diego, California, in my reading chair.

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I'm playing it by ear and eye. Not enough experience yet. The story is really engaging; I'm enjoying it a lot. Maybe I'm not doing this right, but I was under the assumption that "total books read" means how many books we are reading from, whether we have finished them or not. Haven't done ANY reading in the last two hours. Just wanted to stop by and see how everybody's doing. Ellie, I hope you do take that nap if you feel you need it. I'm sure we'll manage alright without you lovely presence here for a while.

Hey Roni - nice going! Good luck for the next few hours Welcome back Krys! A TV break sounds pretty good - perhaps I'll indulge in one myself later, see if it has a similarly rejuvenating effect! Hey Ilana! I'm using the 'Total books read' to tot up finished books, but use it as you will, as long as it makes sense to you for keeping track of things!

You don't even have to use the same format - I used it for my first read-a-thon on my blog in October and just copied it across since I'm used to it now Glad to know you'll miss me terribly if I end up snoring quietly on the couch, but I'll try to stick with it for the time being! Comments: A really good reading hour, considering how tired I'm getting. I'm not sure my brain's entirely awake right now, and my eyes sure as hell aren't, but I'm determined not to take a nap until I literally can't process another word!

I'm nearly halfway through Holes already, and I'm loving it!

Ellie, I really liked Holes when I read it several years ago. I have not seen the movie, but I've heard the movie is not faithful to the plot of the book.

Cybermancy Launch Day-Never Give Up

Enjoy your hot chocolate! Mine was very good. Menu: grilled cheese sandwich; butterscotch haystacks. OK, I take it back - I may not be joining in until after the football game is over : I really have to watch this game - the last college game of the season. Great group reading here! Ellie I loved The Outsiders and revisited it last year. I may just read it again this year. I love the book Holes and the movie was just as good. That is another book I may decide to read again this year.

I applaud you for trying to read a lot at once, though. I did that for about pages and was totally worn out after! I've been reading: Going, Going, Gone! Either go back to Skippy Dies or start something else. Books finished: 0 Pages read: 41 Reading time: Posting time: 12 Total books read: 0 Total pages read: 41 Total time read: Total time posting: Comments: I'm too tired to read. My eyes keep closing. My book keeps falling down and closing.

I'm heading for bed. I'll be off to work tomorrow. I think I'll take Losing Eddie along with me then McKillip Books finished: 1 Pages read: Posting time: 10 minutes Reading time: 73 minutes Total books read: 1 Total pages read: Total time read: minutes Total time posting: 10 minutes Menu: Ham and beans pink and white mix , cornbread, and a glass of Old Vine Zinfandel.

Comments: I finished this book. Taking a break while I prepare supper for when the husband gets off work in an hour, then I have to decide what to read next. Sherlyn - it's not bad, thanks! Better if I'd drunk it while it was still hot, but hey, white hot chocolate-turned-milkshake works too So far Holes is pretty much sticking to what I remember from the movie - but maybe they screwed up the ending or something.

I'll see when I get there! Go Erika! A noble goal indeed, especially mid-classic. You know I've only ever known one other person called Erika and she spells her name with a 'K' too. Quite unusual. That's the kind of fact that seems fascinating to throw out there at 4am, my apologies There seem to be a lot of rave reviews around it but I haven't quite been swayed enough to fall off the fence either way yet Night Madeline!

Enjoy the supper break Roni I'll try and finish it before it's completely stone cold - you'd think I'd have learned by now, wouldn't you? Comments: It's the mark of a really good book where you 'awaken' from it at the hourly alarm and only then realise how tired you are.

'A Monster Calls' (2016) Official Trailer - Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones

For a book about boys digging holes and a surreal great-grandfather's back story, it's really absorbing! Angela's Special with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, pepperoni and bacon. Comments: This update covers the last 4 hours and in all that time I only managed to read for just over an hour. That's right.

There was my little angel to take for a walk. Pizza to order, sugar-free sodas to purchase, furry ones to feed, salad to prepare, pizza to be eaten, posting to be done. You get the idea. It was a Christmas gift from my dad this year from Indigo bookstore and I'm glad he gave me the gift receipt with it because I am definitely marching into that store and getting a book that I will enjoy more than this one. I don't know if it's like that in other places, but Indigo's policy is that if you don't enjoy a book, you can exchange it no questions asked as long as it's within the allotted timeframe.

That said, I'm glad I finished it. I did get something out of it, but I'd be hard-pressed to say what that is right now. I'll be joining the readathon in an hour or so, just got to get our dinner sorted as it's 5. Through the day I managed to finish the audiobook I listened to during the last readathon, Vile bodies by Evelyn Waugh which is about 40pgs worth of reading. Quite fun to listen to all the different upperclass accents, mostly drunken ones! Went back and they had WebMage, which is the 1st of the series.

Some nice brain candy. And on the 1st page I realize from a web address that it's set in Dinky Town--aka UofM campus in Minneapolis, 20 min drive from me and a place I frequent. I've been reading: Unclutter your life in one week Books finished: 1 Pages read: 41 Posting time: Reading time: Total books read: 1 Total pages read: Total time read: Total time posting: Menu: decaffeinated black tea Comments: I'm going to call a halt on this one--it needs processing and note taking, and is too slow for a readathon.

Flora Segunda would be a great one for this, Kerry, but I've already read it! Wow, Krys I might have to see where my copy is, see if I fancy it when I finish Holes! Ilana - Glad you finished that one with hope on the horizon then Kerry - Ah, you've got to love a good upper-class English drunkard slurring his words whilst still attempting to remain the perfect gentleman Katie - I didn't understand a word of that last part, but go you anyway!

I'm not far off the end of this second book and have loved every minute of it, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead and have a little nap before I carry on. My eyes are so heavy, and my stomach's feeling a bit queasy, as it always does when I'm so tired I could drop, so I'm off for a snooze before I carry on reading! See you in an hour! Ellie: Definitely! And I'm glad you're enjoying Holes.

That's one I read over and over growing up, and I've got fond memories of reading it aloud to my younger sister. It really is a great read. I hate having books I disliked lying around my shelves. There are too many great reads out there to waste the space and money! OK, I am in now. After that, who knows? Ellie, I'm getting unintelligible? What, me? Oh, 2nd wind you've come to join us? It's beginning :P. I've finished The Serpent's Tale. Taking out the dogs, then I will be finally starting The Children's Blizzard. Krys, I'm looking forward to reading Room when it's available at my library.

Sounds really, really good! I almost never read fiction, unless it's a mystery so this is an oddball book for me--a long novel. Pages read: Reading time: 4. I expect to have about 1. Aiming to get to the 33 percent done mark on my Kindle on Skippy Dies by 2 pm on Tuesday. Dalloway Books finished: 1 Pages read: in Granta , 34 in Mrs. Dalloway Posting time: 20 minutes Reading time: 3 hours 40 minutes Total books read: 1 Total pages read: Total time read: 3 hours 40 minutes Total time posting: 20 minutes The Menu: Bourbon and water, slice of cheddar, and a gingerbread biscotti not all together!

Comments: Read all that was of interest in Granta , so I'm done with that. I'm enjoying Mrs. Dalloway but am finding the sections of Septimus Smith and Lucrezia more interesting than those on Clarissa. I took out half an hour to watch a show on 'The King's Speech,' which I saw and loved this afternoon , and since I've been struggling to stay awak, I'm off to get some sleep. Enjoying this book in the Delaware series more than the previous two and look to finish it up this next hour. I've been reading: Rules by Cynthia Lord Pages read: Posting time: Reading time: Total books read: 1 Total pages read: Total time read: Total time posting: Menu: decaffeinated black tea Comments: Picked up Rules , a middle school book I've been meaning to read so I can donate it to my former school library.

Good choice--it's going very quickly and I will probably finish it before I go to sleep. However, I'll be reading in bed from now on, so this is my last post tonight. See you in the morning. Total time posting: 15 minutes The Menu: Lots of hot tea and honey for my sore throat.

Comments: Had potential. Faltered in the execution. A We didn't need to be told every other chapter how Dr.


Impossible was a picked on nobody who later became a supervillain. His origin story was stretched way too thin over too many chapters. And dear lord the lists. There are only so many times you can rehash your litany of of cartoon supervillainy before it just gets repetitive. B The heroes on the other hand I did not need fifty quadrillion origin stories. I didn't care. I didn't need a ton of names dropped. I like that the author included all the heroes to show how expansive this world with superheroes is. But you shouldn't be introducing new names to drop three quarters of the way through the book.

Based on the sequel hook bits, it seems like Grossman was setting up for a sequel like most superhero movies. If that were the case, he should have lightened up on all the origin stories. Just because he lampshaded the constant repetition of these origin stories doesn't mean that they work, even as a parody.

C The climax. A twist that could have worked, but was handled poorly. All the heroes, who have presumably known each other for over a decade save for the new cyborg woman Fatale, the one character I really cared about should know each other's origin stories. Maybe this book was meant to be a parody of superhero movies and comics and conventions. The parts describing Dr. The soap opera dynamics of the old Champions team think Justice League as seen through the eyes of the new recruit was fun and could have been even more fun if we spent more time in their present and less time recounting origins and backstory that was only tangentially related to the plot.

It's obvious that the author loves the genre. But I think the book is too much a fanboy compendium and not enough of a story. I've gotten another 3 hours of reading in, and am now starting to fall asleep, even though it's only I've read from p. With the 52 pages read earlier I've read a total of pages. I'm finding Invisible Man very slow going.

Book Three of the Fourth Realm Trilogy

It's dense and requires a lot of concentration. Ellie- Thanks for your encouragement, it was a great success : I commend you for staying up so late, though! Keep on readin' everyone! Ash - the book may have been rubbish, but your thoughts on it are wonderful! Katie - I falled asleep, I sowwy For most of hour 10, then I snoozed right into hour 11, then I got up and read a little bit, then whaddya know, I slept again.

I feel a little more human - and hungry - now so I think I'll go get something for breakfast and see if I can't wake up a bit, stop my eyes feeling so much like they want to close again for the next five hours Did some reading of the Jacobs book as well as 3 of Montaigne's essays. Tackling one of the 5! ER books that I still need to read next. Just not sure which one. It was a great read, perfect for this kind of read-a-thon. I'm going to stop for the night, though, and get some sleep before my class tomorrow morning. It's been a lot of fun, guys!

Good luck to those of you continuing on; I'll think of you all as I plug in my headphones and queue up my audiobook for my morning commute in seven hours. Hi all! I'm reading The Children's Blizzard under the electric blanket. This is only the second book I've read on my new Nook.

When I first started the book, there was a map in the first few pages. When I went to check the map again, there is only the word "map" but no actual map.

Cybermancy Launch Day-Never Give Up at SF Novelists

I don't know what happened. Anyway, the book itself is very interesting. I want to read for at least one more hour before I sleep for awhile. Here's the midway meme, a little early, so people can do it when they want. The halfway point's less than an hour away! What are you reading right now and how's it going? How many books have you read so far? What's the plan for the second half of the read-a-thon? Is there a particular book you're looking forward to getting to? What else have you been up to when you needed a well-earned break from the books?

Are you getting tired yet?! Total: hours 4 to 11 Well, only about 3. Went to a movie Black Swan; meh , then came back and picked up a book again. About to put it down, get some dinner at 2 a. I've just spent 2. The floods in Queensland, Australia are horrible. My brother lives in the Toowoomba area that received today's flashflood but luckily he was in Sydney at the time.

His partner is home, marooned but on higher ground than most properties, so is safe. They have a small rural property, raise miniature ponies and foster stray animals. They usually have to worry about bushfires not floods. So 3 more pages of Flora Segunda while demolishing 2 helpings of fattoush salad for my dinner. I also cooked chicken and spaghetti bolognese but it's too hot to eat all that. Now going to concentrate on reading for a couple of hours. Have moved on and getting over the trauma slowly. I wouldn't have any room to keep them otherwise!

Not used to eating pizza. I have it maybe once or twice a year. Not tempted to eat it more often because it always ends up making my tummy hurt. Almost finished with my Schiele book but it's an art book so makes no sense to rush through it. Enjoying Doors Open quite a lot. Easy reading as I go deeper into the wee hours of the night and into morning. Will read in bed for as long as I can, update before I got to sleep for a while if I can manage keep my eyes open at that point. Brining the laptop to bed with me in case walking over to the living room proves to be too much effort by then. Everyone still in one piece, just about?

I'm switching to breakfast foods now for a bit, but I'm sure I'll have another nibble at the leftovers again in a while A good hour's reading too. I'm nearly at the end of Holes now, which is fantastic, so once again it'll soon be time to start thinking about what to read next. My stomach feels a bit dodgy at the moment - as it always does whenever I try to pull something like this that involves not enough sleep - but I think I'll take a gamble on some form of breakfast this next hour.

It's getting light, a new day has begun, and I'm halfway to being able to crash out again! I'm nearly at the end of Holes by Louis Sachar, which has been wonderful thus far. A little magical, brilliant touches of humour, some dark undertones, a moment that made me want to cry Hmmm, I'm not quite sure what to read next! I'm tempted to pick up Room after Krys's effusive praises every hour so far, but I'll see what grabs me at the time I think.

I've had about an hour and a half's sleep, which has probably done me some good. I thought I might this time, I felt a little tired before I even started! I've had some bites to eat while I've been reading, but other than that the only break was to listen to Camaron de la Isla's Caminando for a couple of minutes while I chose a new book! Understatement of the century. If I wasn't hosting I'd have had a night's sleep this time, I think On the plus side, I've nearly finished a second book already, so all in all I think the two just about balance each other out!

I think it has the smallest book type known to man, making it difficult for me to read. Thus far, I am not liking the book all that well - numerous typos, changes in tone that I think are supposed to be funny. Working on The Children's Blizzard , and it is very interesting. The first part of the book is describing the settlers who came to the midwest and will feature later during the blizzard. Finished one book which was already started before the read-a-thon. It would be great to finish or almost-finish TCB.

Took the dogs out, watched an episode of Qi. That's pretty much it. I am off to sleep for a few hours and I'll resume in the morning. Happy Reading to all!! WebMage , going pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but yummy brain candy set near my home : 2. From 3: German Verse I finished after picking at it for over a year. A few more chapters of the group read Master and Margarita. Now hoping to get mostly or all the way through WebMage. If I need to switch, which is completely possible, maybe fluffy YA series continuation.

A big whopping YES! When Doctors Kill - I am unimpressed 2. Hopefully I can finish the ER book I am reading within the next few hours and then pick up another one or two. I really need to catch up on these! I took a break last hour to eat pizza, but I have not been reading that long 5. Stasia - What is it with ER books and being generally a bit crap? Sherlyn - Hmmm. I wonder what I can find on iPlayer if I need a break? Past the half-way point!

Go, go, go! With a tear or two in my eye at the happy ending, I must admit! I might have to get hold of the movie again at some point now I've read the book. The chapters seem fairly short and I'm hoping it'll be absorbing enough to carry me on through the hours fairly painlessly!

Only 44 minutes of reading in the last two hours—where does the time go?? Off to sleep for a while. See you all later. See you later Ilana - I know the feeling well and it's definitely a signal that it's time for some sleep! So good! Comments: I had another brief zzzz after I made the mistake of stretching out on floor trying to get comfy I might have to switch from The Reader at some point - I think it's going to be a great read but all the short chapters in the world won't save me from nodding off if they stay this reflective and lyrical.

It's just sending my brain in circles trying to stick with it! I'll persevere a little longer and see how I get on. My Hour 5 I've been reading: When Doctors Kill Books finished: 0 Pages read: 70 Posting time: 1 minute Reading time: 59 minutes Total books read: 1 Total pages read: Total time read: 4 hour, 39 minutes Total time posting: 7 minutes The Menu: Diet Pepsi Comments: A little bit of improvement in the book this hour, although I am rather disgusted with the typos one page had 2 sentences repeated and the attempts at 'one-off' lines seem inappropriate to me. Somehow, I do not think of murder as being a funny subject.

I am determined to finish this book though! Ah, good! It was beginning to echo in here - I was thinking I was the only one left reading :. I'm here! I'm awake! I need to go make the broth for the Homemade Chicken Soup I am making for dinner tonight, so will not be reading much in the coming hour.

Stasia - I'm still here! Struggling horribly though. Maybe moving onto a new book will help this next hour. You posted eight minutes after me before so we crossed paths a bit last time All over the place? Comments: I've set The Reader aside for the time being. Not that it wasn't holding promise or anything, but my mind just can't cope with the philosophical musings and lyrical text right now.

Maybe later Yes, it's got smaller type, and yes, it's meandering in its own way - but it's got BOOKS in it, and its quite funny and whimsical, so I'm hoping for the best! Just dropping by to report another 74 pages read this morning, 53 of those from South Riding , so a total of so far. I still have lunchtime and the journey home. I've been reading: Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce Books finished: 0 Pages read: 62 Posting time: 4 minutes Reading time: 35 minutes Total books finished: 1 Total books read from: 3 Total pages read: Total time read: 2 hours 45 minutes Total time posting: 18 minutes Flora Segunda is fun and I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

I'll switch books soon to A thread of grace which I'm finding a little staid. It's just gone midnight here and I'm fairly tired but should be able to do another hour or so. Hi everyone. You are all doing a great job. I am just stopping in to say hello. I slept and just woke up so I haven't read since my post last night. I will try to get some reading done at work today. Erika - I am enjoying Wolf Hall mainly because it is making me look at the history of England more then usual.

I have to finish the book by next Wed and I know that if it hadn't been for this read a thon and the one this past weekend I wouldn't be this far in the book by now. We are due to get snow late this afternoon so I hope I am able to finish the book if I happen to either have off on Wed or a late start for work. Keep going everyone!! Well, I've lost track of actual time reading vs miscellany.

Dreadful numbers really, but with my mind as it's been today--well, I'm just glad any reading got done. Oh 5am, you have punched my awakefulness so hard. Hey everyone! It's in Ohio and I'm ready to get started again in 15 minutes. I've been trying to catch up on all the late-night posts but there's just too many of them, so maybe I'll come back to it later. Well, I'm wide-awake and raring to go! I'll eat a quick breakfast now and then hit the books!

How's everyone doing? Suddenly the hours seem to be flying by again - though I really shouldn't speak too soon with another eight still ahead I salute you! Stephen - Hooray for returning to the books! Maybe we're having a positive influence on you after all It's a little slower to read, but delicious. Bookish, whimsical, funny, charming, wonderful.

And thanks to a little time awake at last, and some peppermint capsules to calm my stomach back down again from its sleep-deprived grumblings, I feel much better. Onwards, fellow readers! Ah Ellie, sunshine? That makes me feel like giddyness in Kindergarten when I got a gold star and not the infinitesimally inferior silver stars :D. I just started reading again after an hour off taking care of household stuff and posting the review of my ER book.

I am now starting again - another ER book. I read another 30 or so pages of Flora Segunda and will probably fall asleep this hour. So catch up with everyone in the last hour or so. Katie - or worse, when you were expecting a gold star and you got an ink stamp instead. A lacklustre flower saying 'Well done! Stasia - May it be infinitely better than the last one Kerry - Sweet dreams!

I suspect a few of us may be with you in spirit Amazing how much that helps! I guess I'm getting the waking-up munchies! My stomach's settled right down and my appetite's woken up again, which is a good indicator that the next couple of hours, at least, might be fairly productive. Thanks, Genny! Hour 17? That was one productive hour. I had everything taken care of and out of the way, so I could sit and read the whole time.

It helps that the chapters seem to be getting shorter and shorter lots of blank space on the pages and this 'mystery' is finally coming to a conclusion slightly more exciting now Another hour like that and I'll finally be through with this book! I'm back! A bit later than I would've liked, but back none the less. It sounds like everyone has been very productive. I'm still running around taking care of dogs, making coffee, etc. Welcome back, Sher! I hope you continue to like The Children's Blizzard. I really did. Edited to fix the hour. Hour 17 Figuring I don't have time to read everyone's posts now, I'll do that after work and after the readathon.

I like this book and read more after I went to bed. I'm reading Losing Eddie which is going really quickly. It's narrated by an nine-year-old so is rather uncomplicated but the story is interesting. I started two, but finished none. I'm going forward with Losing Eddie as I like it very much. I'll be taking it to work with me today to read on my commute. Sleeping, eating. Now I'm having peppermint coffee and rye bread toast! Weird, I know! Plus my younger son came to visit and wanted to talk again last night. I loved that, though. I had a full night sleep, but the thought of going to work makes me tired.

Welcome back Sherlyn! How long have you been away? Time seems to have sped up these past few hours, for some reason. I swear, only five minutes ago it was still dark Now it's 2pm! Glad you've settled into a good ER book this time, Stasia! I did finish Rules before falling asleep last night. Total pages read: Total time read: Total time posting: Menu: coffee and oatmeal Comments: I'm going to start Sense and Sensibility for the group read.

I'm between books, waking up from 7 hours sleep, and ready to read for an hour or two before starting other things I need to do. Just let me skim the threads first. I've read two complete books and 40 pages out of another. I'm thinking I will start Sense and Sensibility. I'm going to be doing some housework this morning as well, so it won't all be reading.

A good night's sleep. Ellie, I slept for about five hours! I now have my Starbucks Verona coffee which is my favorite. I received a package in my stocking for Christmas. Continuing on Menu: those little powdered donuts, dunked in the coffee.