Symbolischer Interaktionismus - Eine Sozialisationstheorie (German Edition)

Der Beitrag liefert einen Überblick über sprechsprachliche Korpora in . scheme (Ehlich ) which is particularly popular in German corpora. .. blick auf das Italienische (= Romanica Monacensia; 51). dall'Archivio fonografico dell' Università di Zurigo” (“Schweizer Dialekte in Text und Ton”), published by the.

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Only she is too pure and compassionate to ever submit, so they twist and manipulate her until she becomes a heartless, power-hungry creature, and at that point I had to stop reading because I was judging her so hard - why couldn't she hold out, she should have held out - and I don't need the book telling me "this is your story" to know that this is hitting close to home.

But I just couldn't keep reading at that point. So Universe tried again: When I came back home from the 5Gateways seminar in January, I felt pulled to read Divinicus, and - ignoring the part of me that screamed I hadn't finished Breakthrough yet - I did. My reaction to the description of healing the Greys in that book was similar to Aspasia's: Tears welled up, and I felt my inside ring like a struck bell, and it rang with the sound of YES. Still, I flinched back from and told myself that I had to work on other things first.

And because three times is the charm: Last week I saw this guy on the train, reading a novel from the warhammer series, and from where I was peeking at his book, it seemed the title was Orion. I feel as though the next step is me stumbling and crashing headfirst into a blinking, flashion neon sign spelling out ORION.

On the other hand, I mean, I've been asking Universe "Could you kind of hit me over the head with these things please, so that I really don't miss them? So the next morning during mediation time, when I scanned my field and noticed the areas of tightness, and the thought of "hey, you've got Greys" arose, I went in search of them. And I felt Again something clicked, and suddenly this yearning arose inside of me, of rising up and going home and dissolving into the light.

It was so strong, and for a moment I was confused, because while I know this feeling, it's never been so strong before. Took me a while to realise that maybe it wasn't my own yearning but theirs. So I tried to show them how I do it, going inside and up, but it felt blocked, like, I could feel the "up", it was there, but just out of reach. And I stopped myself from reaching and tried sinking, finding the veil inside of me that hide the way, but I couldn't find it.

I kept getting blocked.


Later on the train I thought about what I'd experienced, and suddenly, strongly, there was the impression that I know them, I know these two Greys, or rather, the souls. Crying on a train full of commuters without giving a fig about who might notice takes some practise. And in the wake of that the thought arose of, Hey, maybe they're still here for a reason, maybe the reason I couldn't connect them wasn't because I did anything wrong, but because I need to do something else first?

Something I need them to be there, here, in my field for? Typing this all down really helps. Now that I have put it out, it feels as though I know, at some level, why and what and how. I just know there is something, some knot of Maybe I need more time? Approach slowly? Okay - a powerful sharing, and during so, my soul was dancing with yours in the higher dimensions, but as I always, but always say, this is MY experience, what is YOURS?

What resonates and how do you feel to work with it? It feels like you have a collective past with them, one that needs to be healed in you, and the likelihood is, they are here to help. That's my sense, but nevertheless go carefully. The way the Orions were tricked, was to go out of body into "love and light" - as happens so often here in the spiritual mainstream.

Just fragments of soul are left behind in the density and other energies can come in - the soul is then harvested by interdimensional malevolent beings. Again, this has been prevalent on earth, and to me, actually IS the Homo Sapiens condition. Homo Sapiens is designed to receive this intervention - until you fully infuse soul and overcome it by ejecting it from within you.

This is true transcendence through empowerment, by infusion of soul. If someone whose not fully embodied, tries to push energy out of themselves or help others ascend through the creation of ascending spirals of energy - energy portals - what can happen is that their own soul goes out of body to some degree, which can be very risky. So the way to achieve this kind of highly advanced energy work successfully, is first to fully ground in the body. I suspect to do this in their presence, for you Heike, will involve confronting the very karma that is activating it always does.

What would it feel like to be held in some alternate reality - an illusionary bubble or amniotic sack, rather like in the film The Matrix? This imagery was hugely based on truth. So in working through this karma, is to fully infuse and ground soul into the lower three vehicles: physical, emotional and intellectual although my sense is you're already well infused through the intellectual.

M D Cooper

From that place, essentially you polarise your consciousness into two levels of awareness. I could say "split your consciousness", but although more understandable, this would be incorrect. The two streams of consciousness must remain connected. Now, because you are grounded and earthed - you have all the power you need. Your energy in the fourth density becomes unstoppable - providing that is, it remains aligned. This is highly advanced energy work.

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I begin to share it first on the Openhand Facilitator Program. But I sense your soul already asking for the explanation, and so it must be ready to activate at this kind of level. I would suggest exploring what, and how, my sharing resonates. What does it activate and kick off? What activates, what kicks off, it's like a tidal wave - sight going blurry had to turn away before I could continue reading , cold shivers running through my body, tingling in my hands and feet, heart racing, slight nausea, though not in a shocky kind of way, more like things are moving.

And I was reminded of this experience I had, about a month ago. I was meditating, following the sensations in my body, and suddenly I started twitching, lots of jerky, abrupt motions, my whole body moving with seemingly no input of my brain - I had the weird feeling of being a bystander and watching what was going on. Then the thought that, no, I don't have to hold on, physical death isn't the end, and my group, they are all souls shaping their own path. So I let go. Felt myself rising, into the light. But I turned and looked down at the body, saw my empty eyes, and thought: I can do this, I can bear witness to what is happening.

Saw the body jerking, just an empty shell. I felt sad. The things stopped what they were doing, conferred, and threw the body away; I got the distinct sensation of "experiment failed". Had the odd sensation for a moment of being back in the body, looking through those empty eyes, and feeling utterly rejected, look how I twisted myself all out of shape and I'm still not good enough. Watched the body crawl away and followed, wanted to soothe it, wanted to tell her, show her, how much love I felt, but - I couldn't reach her, no matter how hard I tried, she couldn't feel me. So maybe the experiment didn't fail.

Or that experience isn't connected at all; there's something inside of me shouting to not be stupid, these are two different things, don't post your drivel; yet it was what popped up when I read those words, so. Also, there's a sensation of echo, in this life, of being tricked into trust and then systematically cleared out and used for I'm not entirely sure. And here I'd been wondering why I'd drawn that person into my life, but, well. Also feels as though we've been playing this out for a while now. Trauma, that rings a very loud bell, fear and a sense of determination, of "finally" and "no longer", and increasingly as though I know exactly whatever it is my mind claims I don't know.

Also feeling a bit like Frodo at the end of Fellowship here: I know what I need to do, it's just, I'm afraid to do it. Standing at the precipice, holding my breath, holding still, the tiniest movement will tip me over. This calls for another cup of tea and some time out, I think. The office it not the best place for this kind of thing. Heike, what a fascinating and challenging experience! You are such an amazing being! I felt to send you a big virtual hug to accompany you during the process. Thanks for the virtual hug, Aspasia. I haven't been feeling too well these last few days, and your reply cheered me up - the three or four times I came back to read it.

Well, that tidal wave sure knocked me off my feet. I'm up again now, and so much has shifted, I'm standing in a different place. Looking at a different view. Feeling ready to use the coming four days off to go throw myself over the next cliff. See how it feels to fly.

Heike, I remember at the New Year Retreat how your amazing energy — just who you are! So, I always think of you with great affection. I resonate. Tidal waves are endless and so are the resurrections! I would like to share with you that I have been experiencing conflict inner and outer as carrying a special charge of eros. Conflict often feels to me like wrestling!

Being knocked off your feet…getting up and down again. Some people, myself included — and I guess you may resonate — find the challenge energising! I find that conflict is an honourable dynamic of change and transformation. I am already energised! Hi Heike, as i was reading your post, noticed that an ant was crawling over me.

First, I took it off but then came back crawling again over me, a bit distracting But then i said, ok this is just an ant and just a body. Yes, it is a bit distracting but i just let it be and as I am typing it, i can no longer feel it. Hi Anatoly, I'm a bit of a mess today, so I had to read you comment twice before it hit me, like, yes, ant, distraaaaction Passing on the virtual hug, Heike. I wasn't really sure where to post this as it somehow relates to various of my recent threads about depression and aloneness, but I for some reason ended up here, because of what Open wrote somewhere above about entities often visiting at night when people are asleep.

It feels like recently I am being invited to explore my relationship with OC in more depth. However, I have also realised that this is now almost becoming like a strategy intention? It can be such a fine line to not intentionally undertake particular activities just with the purpose of feeling better afterwards!

Particularly, around my head there are a lot of very intense sensations headaches and vibrations and I can feel how OC is playing around with me there or am I mistaking my higher self coming through strongly? Open wrote above and elsewhere in a thread about removing entities:. To step into nothingness. In this place, nothing can touch you; and it is the source from which authentic soulful expression then arises - an expression which can literally blow the intervention away. That I perhaps have to learn to love all of OC with its perfect imperfections as 'all of me' first.

Like you, I am experiencing similar sensations and i understand how challenging it might be to fully accept when you feel like your head is about to explode. Nevertheless, it feels right - when i relax more deeply about the OC intervention, the intensity goes down and i am more able to eject it. You right. I think it is both what you are feeling: soul integration and OC resistance at least that is what i feel in my case.

Second time around was right at the part of meditation dealing with entities. And when i opened my eyes i was very surprised to see a lizard right next to me. Must have gotten through cracks. Didn't want to go easily but i had to catch and release it outside.

Tried to bite and didn't want to go but had no choice when i had it cornered as it was my space. I felt to respond to your inquiry into 'becoming as nothing in it'. I have had many conscious experiences and clashes with the energy of the Greys. It doesn't really resonate for me personally to call them OC because in my experience I have a Grey aspect myself Like you pointed out yourself: maybe OC is reflecting perfectionism which is an expression of control.

Control is the very psychological state that is associated with OC. But instead let the latching on or attacks happen whenever they happen and say to yourself when you notice it: 'I am like nothing in it'. And then trust that you are! Over time I became more proficient at it and sometimes I totally fail and am trying to control the attack again. But I think it's hard to explain the how, you''ll just have to fly by the seat of your pants is that how you say that?

Hope this might help. I see this aspect of control in myself when I'm dealing with entities. To me vulnerability has been a great key in these situations. So it's not really a question of how can i be nothing in the situation. Marije, i feel to respond with an experience i had some time back. Hope you resonate. Some months i woke up at 4am feeling tired and under attack and i felt to meditate. Some time into the meditation intellectually i came at this answer. The need for me to clear this entity is because of a need to 'perform' in class i had to take the same morning. At the moment i could just let go this need to perform and the entity which was holding on to this tightness and expectation unraveled without me doing anything.

It was like magic. I was being 'nothing' in it at that situation. So i think it should begin with an enquiry as to why its there. I hasten to add it's not really this straight forward everytime. I also wake up most morning feeling tired and possibly under some attack. But nowadays i observe that if I sit long enough with the tightness and the attack it begins to unwind naturally and lightness comes through.

Then its only a matter of giving attention to the lightness. I have also realised that this is now almost becoming like a strategy intention? Yes, i have seen this exact dynamic in myself. This is particularly in line with what i said above. Is there an attachment to this 'sane' part of yourself?

That's always the challenge isn't it - that we learn a tool, and it becomes a strategy to achieve something! So the risk is it only becomes identity and ego. Yet there's also an invitation that souls who resonate are drawn by the Law of Attraction toward one another and that we can each reflect. I often use the term "become as nothing in it", which to me, is the natural acceptance of the One. But yes, we do have to be clear that's not just avoidance. So to me, "being as nothing in it", doesn't mean trying to nullify it or push it away - instead to be able to completely sit in it, without trying to change it.

Paradoxically I find it then starts to unwind of its own accord. It's great that you shared the knowing that you've experienced some aspect of grey within yourself. Yes I'm aware of the potentiality for a term like "Opposing Consciousness" to polarise. It's not my intention! But I can see that some people might interpret it that way, generally if they're inclined to do so. That doesn't mean though, of course, that entities within that energy don't switch into realignment - of course they do.

Thankyou for challenging the perspective - it's always good to keep realigning the definitions - especially as 3D words can be so clumsy! Not sure if it's directly answering your comment - but maybe something may resonate. Whenever I asked for guidance, my higher self would jolt me into my body - this was the guidance. The other thing which I think may be the same as "become as nothing" ; is a peace would sometimes come over me during attacks.

It felt like the energies [OC] touched it and fell away. It was not [and still isn't something] I can do with my mind or will - but I think it was shown to me as the way for me be when with these energies. And maybe even, our relationship with ourselves. I always found it very enlightening Open how you described OC and its workings. It's just that I discover that through the years for me personally I've come to a point where I had to drop the idea of anything outside myself attacking me.

It's a change of perspective but important now for me at this stage I feel. Some years ago it was valid: I had to come to terms with the fact that OC existed, was real within my field and on this earth. It was mind-blowing to me and triggered so much on so many levels! But now I realise it's all me and that pointing to anything outside myself including people of course is keeping me in victim-mode. If I'm honest I have to recognise that all this time I was afraid to open up to life. Now I feel that was just a believe all along and now I can open up because it's safe.

But this is what's relevant to me right now. I think it depends on what lesson a person is trying to get at a certain moment. Especially when you say that ideally that they are not consuming our attention and energy and that is all about us and our relationship with ourselves.

I can only conclude there must an enormous compassion behind that! Yes I totally agree. I believe that is an enormous step to empowerment and definitely can remove any victim mentality. For me, following that realisation, it also went a step further. I became engaged in a natural yearning for the fullest expression of my soul. And that caused me to embrace the relativity. I realised that for there to be experience at all, there has to be "this" and "that".

And I experienced the natural equilibrium between the unmanifest absolute and the manifest relative. I believe that full enlightenment means to be able to hold the paradox of both apparently conflicting truths simultaneously. It's the necessary dynamic equilibrium between being, and not-being, which must exist for the condition to arise that something manifests from nothing. Consider it as a mathematical equation.

These flows are equally balanced and at any moment in the flow, cancel each other out into zero. Thus you always have the dynamic equilibrium between being and not-being. Without that, you'd need a creator, something that is already manifest, from which it is all created, then you're left with the problem of what preceded the creator. The dynamic equilibrium answers the question, and the paradox, well - I feel. I observe that many experience the journey first toward the absolute. And the pull of that oneness draws you to the acceptance of everything being you - but crucially, only at the condition of absolute, where everything merges into the One, and there is no relativistic experience at all - not even "you".

On that journey, seeing everything as you leading into the absolute, is I believe, an essential vehicle to fully realising the Void of Presence - the One, the absolute. But then in the condition of the absolute, there is nothing to stop the manifest from arising again. And as they say After enlightenment, chop wood carry water! And then the journey of the soul takes on another 'dimension' The soul has to be fully embodied and experienced to remain in the place of the Void - the two must exist together.

And so that brought me back to "this" and "that", to "you and me", to those supporting the shift, and those retarding it. Thank you so much Open for this explanation! It touches upon my struggle perceived so by the relative, separate self of course I'm dealing with for a while. I had to re-read your reply a couple of times to grasp it but each time it becomes a bit clearer. The plus and minus equation is really helpful. It really works for me! I'm also yearning for the full expression of soul in this relativistic experience. I feel that in this life it's all about embodied enlightenment.

It's the ability to be able to be conscious all of the time in the densest of experiences or so I believe now. But I recon it's also 'a desire' for consciousness to to fully enjoy the relativistic experience instead of just trying to transcend it. But that doesn't make sense to me: why would you as pure consciousness project yourself in a relativistic experience if your only goal was to escape it?

Why then incarnate in the first place? You might as well stayed at home! Maybe evolution has a direction and is not just the merry-go-around of the cycle of death and rebirth? And enjoyment Why would that matter if my existence revolved only around transcendence? Why do more and more people use more and more of their 'junk'-dna? Why are there children born with more then three dna-strands? Creation seems to be heading somewhere Creation itself seems to matter not just consciousness.

Guess more answers will come when I integrate more of the real Me. And there's something else. Yesterday we were exploring humanity's karmic journey through history, back to the time of the original humans. And I do believe this was the original experience - I'd say the soul in us is working to recover both. But that different people will feel different pulls at different times. Certainly to me it does. It feels like it is moving toward interconnected balanced harmony in all places - what I would call 'nirvana'.

And to have that, requires each soul coming to the fullness of expression. So go create, go paint, go dance, go sing! All luck to all of you exploring the possibility of Divinicus in that beautiful forest Yes i resonate with that, that we're restoring something that is lost.

Orion Magazine | Resistance Resisters

I guess holding the relativistic experience and the interconnectedness is the spirituality of today. I don't have much to share right now, but I just wanted to thank you for all the reflections in response to my inquiry about 'becoming as nothing in it'! It really helps me to put things in a bigger perspective than just my own.

And Open, thanks for the reminder about the paradox, which I still find a difficult one to grapple with. I can somehow feel how it works, yet in practice I often find myself swinging between the two sides of the paradox. Like with becoming as nothing with the entities and not needing them to go away, which will eventually make them unwind.

8 November 1932 -

In that place it often feels like I am trapped in the paradox. Well finally I see what has been happening to me. Yet i push on and realize I contract against this feeling and want to distract from it. Anything to not FEEL it. I have a much greater understanding from reading everyone's responses, Divinicus and want to learn to sit with the feelings and become one and hopefully I can help myself and them in my journey back to source.

Thankyou to all in this beautiful community who share and reflect. I have been greatly encouraged by you. There with you Zee. You know there are plenty of souls here who've been previously lost in that Grey form. It's possible that you have something like that in your karma - wouldn't surprise me.

And me mentioning it, may well fire some feelings off. Remember, it's actually not the events that happened which matter in themselves, it's their influences thay people carry forwards that need to be worled with. So from your comment above, how do I work into the karma of this? I seem to have such an empathy for the wee greys. Catalyse your spiritual evolution Openhand Courses. What exactly is Openhand? Openhand is operated as a not for profit organisation. All revenue is reinvested to help others in their journey of Spiritual Evolution.

User Menu Home Contact us Log in. Main menu. Who are the Greys? Pain of Existence They were created to serve the Annunaki, who came upon them from the constellation Sirius, after the Great Shift of Sirius B, million years ago. Dealing with Grey Energy in Your Field The vitally important thing is that when you become aware of it, you can deal with this consciousness. Bubbling to the surface Since the Annunaki consciousness has now been largely unwound from the matrix through facilitated self-realisation , I find this grey alien consciousness much more responsive at this time.

Reconnection to the source The liberation of the Orions and their reconnection to the source is a huge step, a huge part of this unwinding effect. Part 1 The healing of Humanity Removing Energy Implants Gaia's cosmic karma Waves of Recognition.

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  8. Open you said, "The paternalistic 'father figure' has gone and there is a tremendous unwinding effect going on in the field as a result. A labour of love and realighnment. For example When we are in the period of the great void, and we are feeling like we are not receiving any particular guidance or directions, can we shift our perception to knowing that even the void itself is a part of Divine guidance? To be humble is to walk in the knowing and deep understanding of the Divine plan…… Anyway, I get mixed feelings from this article, but I do get a feeling to consciously work together to release them back into light.

    I find this article encouraging. A powerful realigning force for change. Thanks for the support Tess - most appreciated. Emotional desensitisation. Hi Jenny, You said You ask You ask another powerful question What hides behind the pattern. Open you said: "So to self-realise, you have to get into the eddy current. Love, Jenny. Having to live it. Jenny you ask Living it.

    Thank you for your response!! Dealing with the impact of Greys in your field. Namaste Open Everyone I come across has various implants in their fields. Okay, so a bit of encouragement needed here I guess :- This "Grey" energy has been a fundamental part of Earth's 3D and 4D karmic reality. Only the truth can truly set you free. What's happening for me. In reply to Everyone I come across has various implants in their fields by Open Hey Open - I really appreciate this article and your bringing to our attention.

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      They are raised among the Children, …. The Million Dollar Handshake is about more than making money - it is also about helping you feel a million …. Enough plastic is thrown away every year to circle the world 4 times More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year million tonnes of new plastic is produced …. From the critically acclaimed screenwriter of Doctor Strange and author of Sea of Rust and Queen of the ….

      Jane is sixteen when she first becomes aware of Leonard Campbell. He is a tall, gentle man with full lips …. A gripping and poignant wartime saga following the highs and lows of the young, courageous members of the …. In this interview Liz Fenwick discusses with her Editor of what inspired her to write this book and how it came to be, with other lovely details.

      Hundreds of thousands of fans flock to the Part-Time Working Mummy page for its heartfelt posts, honest accounts of complicated family life and its appeal to 'bring parents …. The multi-million copy internationally bestselling author and master of the shocking twist, Linwood …. Some scars never heal. An action-packed and utterly gripping thriller from the bestselling author of The Enemy Series. Smuggled to the Middle East as a child. Trained as one of the most elite insurgents …. A policeman on his first murder case A tattoo artist with a deadly secret And a twisted serial killer ….

      Florence Lovelady's career was made when she convicted coffin-maker Larry Glassbrook of a series of child …. The gripping first novel in the exciting new Stone and Oliver series by award-winning author, Mari Hannah. The twisty, gripping psychological thriller about a mother working at a Missing Persons helpline who …. Eighteen years ago Martha said goodbye to best friend Juliet on a moonlit London towpath.

      The next morning …. At eleven years old, Morgan Sheppard solved the murder of his Maths teacher when everyone else believed it …. When editor Susan Ryeland is given the tattered manuscript of Alan Conway's latest novel, she has little idea it will change her life. She's worked with the revered crime writer …. The thriller with the twists you'll never see coming! Perfect for fans of The Girl in the Ice and The …. Fifteen years ago, an unidentified killer terrorised northern Georgia, killing hikers with two shots ….

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